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New season, new bag? Yes please

At the beginning of each season (I use the term loosely. a. I’m not that fashion (I might work in the industry, but not in the fashion department) and b. This implies that the spring season has actually begun, whereas a mere glance at the thermostat or out the window will confirm that we are still in the grip of The Longest Winter Ever) there is a little bit of me which craves a new handbag. (Hel-lo to this Zara number). Is it me or has what is considered a ‘normal’ price for a designer handbag gone kerazy of late? Obviously, I would love to be able to invest on a regular(ish) basis, but, alas, there are other demands on my finances (you know, like food, mortgage payments, bills – all those tedious things) which make blowing £1000+ an impossibility. So, if I am to have a new bag for the spring, it’s going to be high street all the way. Fortunately, there’s a growing market in bags that look designer, but don’t cost it.…