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Five Interiors Hacks

As much as we enjoy a luxe home tour, we also love clever interiors hacks here at W&W towers. Here are five sneaky shortcuts we’ve picked up……

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We Want to Live Here: A Beautiful Living Room Makeover

We are delighted to feature this amazing living room makeover, by the ultra-talented Laura Stephens. Firstly, the room is serious interiors porn (something we love) and, secondly, W&W played matchmaker! Honestly: Joanna (who lives her with her husband Tim, four-year-old Freddie and Lola, 10 months) discovered Laura when her work was featured on our site.…

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Object of Christmas Lust

If, this Christmas, you are dying to find your very own Mr Darcy under your tree, then you’re in luck! This very-hard-to-find decoration is perfect for those of a romantic bent. Temporarily sold out almost everywhere (you can usually find them at The British Library and the Jane Austen Giftshop), we have tracked down a couple at Winchester Cathedral’s Shop. At £7.99, you can honestly say he’s a bargain. Hurry, hurry, hurry!…

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An homage to Storage

I am pretty sure it started right here… The second shelf. The one with the beautifully co-ordinated glass jars holding art paraphernalia. Yes, that one. I want my home organisation to look like this. I am fairly (some – i.e. my husband – might say overly, but he would be wrong. I am merely stemming the tide of his inherent predilection for mess creation) tidy, but I am not organised. I stuff things in drawers. I do not file. I want to Take Control of this. And here’s where I start. Display I love an open shelf arrangement. We had one in our last house – and it was surprisingly easy to maintain. (The key was having a colour palette e.g. all-white mismatched crockery; blue and white; brights, you get the gist If you are going to have everything on show, you might as well make it beautiful as well as useful (William Morris would be thrilled.)  Large kitchen cabinet, £555, Ella’s Kitchen Company  (There’s a smaller one for more petite kitchens – this wonderful company will paint it to order in one of their tastefully delightful shades.) Alternatively, this is quite the most stylish way to store herbs and spices…


Easter: the decorating part

Okay. I know it’s totally unnecessary to trick your home out for Easter. We get enough of that at Christmas. La la la. But, you know what? I LIKE all that stuff.  So sue me. I think the key is not to spend madly. After all, you’ll only have them on show for a week, tops. And you must accept that there’s a danger of looking a little bit (whisper it) twee. Just go with it. Why should we be slaves to impeccably restrained taste all the time? Is this is the sweetest egg cup ever? Oak bunny ears egg cup, £17, Hop & Peck               I am all over the idea of a little Easter tree: pretty spring (ha) branches hung with wooden, painted eggs (just like we had when I was growing up). Something along the lines of John Lewis‘s vintage egg decorations, £4. Not on the High Street is a fertile hunting ground for such things. I am rather taken with these gingham numbers: three fabric eggs by Elm Tree Studios, £9.                      And there’s a lot to like about these jolly, plump chaps (Hand painted wooden bird decorations by…