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#4weekstilChristmas: Decorating

This is it folks. We’re standing on the threshold of December. The festive season is nearly upon us – and I, for one, am ready to embrace it with open arms. Christmas: come on in. The Great Tree Dilemma is currently the hot topic du jour in my house. We have a very enquiring, exceedingly mobile 15 month old. We also like our trees to be BIG. Chances of him pulling it over? Do we sally forth regardless or get something rather smaller and raise it up? Once we’ve solved this minor issue, here’s how we’ll be decorating……

Decorating tipsHomeHow to....Lifestyle

How to decorate – part two

The tree has been bought. Not quite the eight footer my husband was hankering after (where does he think we live? Downton Abbey?), but it’s tall enough, enormously bushy and the perfect Christmas tree shape. C and I decorated it this afternoon (she kept asking if she could “deck the tree” – am not sure if this is after ‘deck the halls’ or an abbreviation of ‘decorate’) – which mostly involved her running around excitedly, passing me the odd bauble with instructions to “hang it there, Mummy”. This year, I have gone down the ‘liberally festooned path. And I have not stopped humming Christmassy songs since.…