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A diary for your dates

Is this the prettiest diary you’ve ever seen? It’s also available in a smaller size¬†(and other Liberty prints) so you can tote it around in your bag. But I rather like the idea of leaving this on your desk, or your telephone table (does such a thing still exist?) so you can diarise your appointments. You might use your phone, but here at W&W towers, we are all about writing things down. Since I started juggling family, job, home and social life (not much of the latter, to be honest), if it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t happen. Following Alex’s terrific get-you-organised Christmas card post yesterday, we’ve got your back if you are like-minded on the diary front. I discovered Castelli last year – they make beautiful leather diaries at bargain prices in a rainbow of colours and oodles of sizes.                                 Or perhaps you prefer something a little more old school?   Oh my days. Chevrons. (You know, I’m obsessed, right?) Every girl deserves a Smythson diary at least once in her life. And yes, they come in colours other than green…  …