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Summer(ish) Dresses With Sleeves

This post was inspired by a conversation I've had with many friends. They don't ask much: they simply want a summer dress that isn't strappy. Or flimsy. Or skin-flashingly inappropriate. An all-day-to-night dress that keeps you cool and looks good. Reader, I give you: summer dresses with sleeves.…


The Perfect Dress?

I consider myself fairly well-placed to ponder the question of what constitutes the perfect dress. The lion's share of my wardrobe is divided between pretty white tops (a topic for another post) and dresses. If I don't know what to wear, a dress is my fallback. If I want to feel zhuzh-y, I'll put on a dress. As soon as it's warm enough, I wear a one every day (and pack a suitcase full of them when I go on holiday).…


Something for the weekend: Spring dresses

Oh Spring. Oh joy for the return of simpler dressing. Instead of painstakingly co-ordinating (or not, as the case may be) an outfit, you skip out of bed, into the shower, and then fling on a frock. Oh frabjous day. Okay. so maybe you’re still adding a jumper, or a jacket; and yes, your legs might be a touch chilly first and last thing – but still, I maintain, one element of my life is about to get easier.…