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A delicious Easter chocolate recipe from Cooking Them Healthy

There are two things you might be thinking at the moment. a) how on earth is it Easter already? b) what on earth am I going to do to entertain small school-age people without any aforementioned school to go to? Unless you are jetting off to warmer  or snowier climes (and quite frankly if you are, then I am not jealous at all. Nope, not in the slightest. Not one bit AT ALL), then I have your answer: chocolate. So, when you’re done chucking various combinations (the kids’ Easter eggs/your Easter eggs/that last packet of mini Eggs you swore you wouldn’t eat in one go) down your neck, then you can follow this delicious – and believe it or not, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free –  recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from W&W favourites Cooking Them Healthy and not only have at least one child-friendly activity planned, but also even more chocolate to eat. Perfect……


Easy Easter for lazy girls

Easter is definitely a holiday I can get on board with. It involves chocolate, for a start. My own little bunny already has her basket at the ready and was keen to ascertain that the Easter Bunny knew she’d be at her grandparents for the Easter weekend. I’m not suggesting that you come over all Martha Stewart (I cannot even dream of  maintaining that level of domestic perfection), but there is definitely some fun to be had – especially with/for small people.…


Cooking for Easter

If you have children, it won’t have escaped your attention that the Easter Holidays are upon us and you probably have two thoughts –  ‘Help! What on earth do I do with my children for the next few weeks? and ‘How the hell do I stop them mainlining chocolate until they’re bouncing off the walls?’ Well, we have a solution for both those dilemmas. The gorgeous Cooking Them Healthy girls (read more about them here) have come up with some special Easter recipes and advice for us on cooking with small people. If you’re in need of some kitchen inspiration, then look no further……


Easter: the decorating part

Okay. I know it’s totally unnecessary to trick your home out for Easter. We get enough of that at Christmas. La la la. But, you know what? I LIKE all that stuff.  So sue me. I think the key is not to spend madly. After all, you’ll only have them on show for a week, tops. And you must accept that there’s a danger of looking a little bit (whisper it) twee. Just go with it. Why should we be slaves to impeccably restrained taste all the time? Is this is the sweetest egg cup ever? Oak bunny ears egg cup, £17, Hop & Peck               I am all over the idea of a little Easter tree: pretty spring (ha) branches hung with wooden, painted eggs (just like we had when I was growing up). Something along the lines of John Lewis‘s vintage egg decorations, £4. Not on the High Street is a fertile hunting ground for such things. I am rather taken with these gingham numbers: three fabric eggs by Elm Tree Studios, £9.                      And there’s a lot to like about these jolly, plump chaps (Hand painted wooden bird decorations by…