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Insider’s Guide: Corsica

I have just returned from a blissful trip to Corsica (as you will know if you follow us on Instagram) where the beaches really do feel like you are stepping into a postcard. This was our third trip – and certainly not our last. There is a lot to love about this island. The beaches, the weather, the scenery, the wine, the cheese……


Ready for a holiday?

We definitely are. So meet Cass Chapman. Cass is the founder and director of Kodomo, an altogether brilliant website which curates the best luxury family holidays: so that’s your holiday sourced, impeccably reviewed, and you can book via the site. Genius. As a food and travel journalist, Cass has written for Vogue, Glamour, The Sunday Times and CN Traveller – and roamed the globe, but now lives an idyllic-sounding life by the sea with her husband Jamie and daughter, the adorable Lola. She is thus perfectly placed to tell us exactly what to book for the school holidays……