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Five foods to build you up after the flu

Don’t you just love the flu? Nothing like a bout of head spinning, body aching, coughing and sneezing to make you feel on top of the world. I’m slowly coming back to life after a particularly nasty bout, and with energy levels bordering on the comatose, my body is in serious need of repair. Thankfully, I’ve been talking to someone who knows exactly how I can repair it. Vicki Edgson is, quite simply, one of the best nutritionists in the world. Not only does she run several health clinics in London (where she offers dietary advice, health screening and blood tests), she’s also the author of several books including her most recent, Honestly Healthy (more on that in a future post) and founder of the fabulous Vital Energy retreats in the UK and Ibiza. Vicki has been kind enough to recommend to us the five best foods for building your body up after the flu. Take note. If you’re unlucky enough to be struck down, these are exactly what you need to get up and running again. Vicki’s top five foods to build you up after the Flu 1) Barley: This mineral-rich grain is often thought of as rather old-fashioned…

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How to…be French

It’s probably completely passé to say so, but I am a Francophile. I love the country, the style, the labels, the food… I know, I know, the modus operandi is set to ‘rude:  sales assistants sniff in horror and look straight through ‘madam’ unless madam is size six waif; you can never get a reservation at a decent restaurant at a decent hour – and then if by some miracle you do, the service is abysmal because the waiters they’re, well, French – and the French are just rude (particularly to Les Anglais), aren’t they?…