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Caroline de Maigret: How to be Parisian wherever you are

This week sees the release of How to be Parisian wherever you are, the latest book touting how fabulous Parisian women are. While I’m not buying it (neither the book nor the notion that every single Parisienne is perfect in every single way – pah!) I would quite like to look Parisian in the way that Caroline de Maigret, one of the book’s authors does. An ex-model who dabbles in all things fabulous, she has the low-key luxe thing down pat. Now I’ve been trying to work out what it is that makes her so darn fantastic. Is it the fringe? (Is it? I am getting rather obsessed with it.) Is it the attitude? The wardrobe (littered with little-known Parisian labels and big names such as Celine and Chanel), is certainly great, but it takes more than a lot of great labels to make fantastic style. So, I guess she just has ‘it’, that magic jumble of pieces that go to make up the perfect puzzle. In short, I think she looks amazing. Quite a lot how I’d like to look when doing the school run (not asking for much there). Here are some of her looks I love……