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Gifts for (would-be) gardeners

In keeping with the Chelsea spirit – and Alex’s earlier post – I bring you pick of garden-inspired gifts. I adore the print shop on the London Transport Museum website – there is a lot to covet. Prints cost from £9.95 unframed, but they also offer a framing service. These 1920 travel posters need to make their way into my home… I have a set of Morris print gardening tools – which make getting my hands dirty a far more aesthetically pleasing process. The V&A online shop has this natty Rose Yellow set. And I have to confess I love the watering can (Wild & Wolf, £34.95, Bloomsbury Store), too. So, I’m a sucker for a floral print. Just call me Granny.                 I spotted Orla Kiely’s flowerpots at Kew Gardens shop – and promptly bought one as a Mother’s Day gift. I quite fancy this grey one (of course I do – I all about 50 shades of grey – when it comes to interiors, obviously).               Striped Petal plant pot, £16.95, Big Summer Floral gardening gloves, £15, both Orla Kiely.…


The Indoor Gardener

The sun is shining, the leaves are green, spring is here!! It’s at this time of year when I yearn for a garden most of all. Whilst we do technically have one, it’s the size of a postage stamp and useless for all the things gardens are good for (sunbathing in, playing football in, running around, growing real live actual grass….) But I refuse to let actual garden owners have all the fun, so I’m bringing the garden into my kitchen with this brilliant indoor herb allotment (£29.99) from The Chelsea Gardener. How sweet is the little white picket fence? How easy will it be to maintain the herbs (it comes complete with special herb scissors)? How smug will I be when I manage to keep them alive for months on end? (….she wishes)…