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Would you care what sex your baby was?

Lucy is a newish friend of mine. (Side note: I LOVE discovering new friends in my thirties.) She is funny, thoughtful and fiercely bright. She makes an excellent curry. Brings flowers when she comes for tea. Gives great email. Her little boy Logan is a Proper Boy who does forward rolls and can penguin jump like a demon. She also writes – honestly, unflinchingly – about things that some people Don’t Like To Talk About at her blog, Ill All the Time. One of those things is gender disappointment. Lucy has one boy and was – at the time of writing this – pregnant with a second son. She wrote the below after the 20 week scan. When I read it, I thought it was fascinating, brave and completely gripping (oh, and witty). You might not agree with it. It might even make you angry. But we are hugely proud to reproduce it here.…