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Christmas at TAE plus 10% off for W&W readers

The festive season is well and truly here, which along with nativity plays, Christmas trees and LOTS of mince pies, means that gifts need to be bought. I have some fantastic gifts over at my store TAE and a special discount for you lovely W&W readers....…


Christmas Gift Guides: KIDS

This gift guide isn't about the big presents; the bikes, the hoverboards, the doll's houses, the must-have Lego set.... Those kind of presents are so personal to the child, that you'll probably know about them already. What I've focused on are the crowd pleasers, that (hopefully) most children will love, enabling you to bulk buy Unicorn Poo and Colouring Books to your heart's content, thereby easily navigating the 'what to buy' the small people in your life dilemma.…


Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

I think we have firmly established that I love a. Christmas and b. presents (the giving and receiving thereof). As such I would say I am very easy to buy for – but not everyone agrees. So, for the final installment of our Christmas gift guide, I give you how to shop for the girls (who think they’re easy but might in fact be rather picky…).…


What to buy…the person who has everything

You know that person. The one who is always impeccably dressed and really does seem to have it all. Then there’s the person who doesn’t have it all, but insists that they really don’t need a thing. And, of course there’s the husband/boyfriend/brother who is impossible to buy for. Or the sister/mother/girlfriend who is very picky and just that little bit tricky. And that’s before we even get to children – your own/your godchildren/your nieces and nephews – here’s what we suggest for all the above……


Father’s Day Gift Guide

I think I’m pretty safe in stating that – of all the things in her little universe – her Daddy rocks Cs world. (Although she did admit today that in toss up between Daddy and Captain Barnacles, she’d opt for the latter. But what man could really compete with a talking polar bear with his own Octopod?) This year, when asked what she’d like to buy Daddy for Father’s Day [If my husband could look away now, that would be most helpful], her answer was unequivocal: “Daddy likes soap, little sticky paper [post-it notes] and food”. So he’s easy. But if you need some last minute inspiration, here’s our at-a-glance last minute guide.…