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Happy Memories

The first year of your baby’s life is one of the most exciting – and fast moving. It only seems like yesterday that my youngest was born, all spindly limbs, scrunched up face and deliciously-smelling head. Seven months on and he’s a little chubster feasting on an array of purees, rolling around on his mat and kicking out his legs threatening to commando crawl. Before I know it it’ll be Christmas, he’ll be one year old and I’ll be thinking ‘wow’, that went fast. Obviously we’ve taken photos (ok not quite so many as with our first-born, poor no. 3), but still, there are a lot of pics. A lot of pics and a lot of plans to get them printed, but let’s face it making it to Boots with a memory stick of images to download is pretty low on the desperate ‘must do today’ list. Which is kind of what Angus Piggott and Alice Cowen, the founders of First Take Baby thought after having their first baby Indigo.…