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Christmas Gift Guide: Men

Ah, men. Much as I adore all the boys in my life, most of them (bar the four-year-old) are pretty tricky to buy for. If he's behaved himself, here's what he might find under the tree this year.…


Christmas Gift Guide: Home

Welcome to our Christmas gift guides 2018. We've kept it simple this year: no blowing-the-budget, no excessive choice. Instead, you'll find some smaller brands and retailers and a carefully edited selection of our favourite gifts for your favourite people.…


Christmas Shopping: Part 3 – Men

I cannot tell you how hard I find shopping for men. The men in my life either don't want anything, or do that thing of buying what they want/need as soon as they want/need it (my husband is a particular offender. My son will probably be the same once he gets old enough not delighted by wooden trains and Matchbox cars). There are rules about this kind of thing, people - especially in the run-up to Christmas. This said, I have rustled up a few ideas....…


The Valentine’s Line-up

As much as I love flowers, chocolates and professions of love, like Alex, I’m not a mad keen fan of Valentine’s – I prefer a more spontaneous gesture of affection. And yet, and yet… I do find it hard to resist a present. Particularly if it’s pink, pretty or gorgeously scented.…


It’s a wrap

One of the best things about the many good things about Christmas is receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. Yes, what’s inside is important, but what’s on the outside can be equally as enchanting. Here’s our pick of some of the best wrapping papers out there (and some beautifully wrapped presents for your inspiration)….…