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Family camping UK: Cool Camping: Kids tells us where to go

If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd ever seriously consider going camping then I would have assumed you'd been knocking back the sauce. As a Travel Editor who reviewed 5-star hotels for a living, I was used to the luxuries in life, but OH how time changes. No longer paid to do such things, which are now firmly out of my reach, and with a gaggle of children underfoot, I've started to think that - actually, camping, or to be more accurate, glamping might be alright. An adventure even. And considering that we actually slept in a tipi on our wedding night, two or even three nights would be quite fun. So, when I heard that a new book was coming out Cool Camping: Kids, listing the best, most beautiful family-friendly sites in the UK, I asked the Editor, James Warner Smith to share his top 5 places for sleeping under canvas this summer...…