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Bag a Bargain

Have you checked out the new collection from Mango? There are some gems to be snapped up. Particularly in the bag department. Maternity leave has rendered me a convert to the cross-body bag. I need free hands: several of them would be good, but two will have to suffice. I cannot be lugging a tote around or stopping to hitch my bag onto my shoulder, so cross body it is. And Mango has come up trumps, (On this subject, stay tuned for a new brand Alex and I have recently discovered. Designer looks. Achievable price.)…


Zero Time, Max Style

I am not recommending that you wear a hat. No, no, Not when the sun has finally shown its face. No, here I am merely illustrating the fact that you can totally mix and match patterns to great effect. Perhaps not quite Cara Delavigne and co at Glastonbury, but in the style of Tory Burch in the top picture? Oh yes. You may have noticed that Alex and I both have a bit of a Thing about printed trousers. This pair are box fresh new to Topshop this week – and very natty they are, too. Your instinct with trousers like these might be to team them with a very simple grey or white tee. Go ahead, by all means – chic, simple, very French. However, you could be bold and opt for a contrasting pattern. (I know. Call me crazy.) This, however, has the makings of the perfect t-shirt, so you’d be forgiven the investment (and will wear it with oodles of other things). Alternatively, really shake it up with lemon and white stripes. This gorgeous number from MIH Jeans would work beautifully. Let’s finish where we started, with Tory Burch, and accessorise with one of her bags. I…


Make mine a Bailey’s

I love Laura Bailey. She’s charming, clever and ultra-stylish – the woman really knows how to dress. No surprise then, that the range of bags she has designed for Radley (for whom she is the face) is totally covetable. I really want one. I just don’t know which one…. [Above: Arundel across body bag, £199 (also in black and navy)] Aubrey medium clutch bag, £199 (also in black and navy) Blenheim medium grab bag, £349 (also in black, tan and khaki) Blenheim multiway holdall, £299 (which, as Laura points out, totally works for toting your laptop/papers around AND would also do excellent service as hand luggage when flying. It would – less glamourously – also be a really good bag for a mum with young child: oodles of space for child-related paraphernalia; can be slung over shoulder or across body; looks fabulous. Okay. maybe this is the one for me….) All images: Radley…


New season, new bag? Yes please

At the beginning of each season (I use the term loosely. a. I’m not that fashion (I might work in the industry, but not in the fashion department) and b. This implies that the spring season has actually begun, whereas a mere glance at the thermostat or out the window will confirm that we are still in the grip of The Longest Winter Ever) there is a little bit of me which craves a new handbag. (Hel-lo to this Zara number). Is it me or has what is considered a ‘normal’ price for a designer handbag gone kerazy of late? Obviously, I would love to be able to invest on a regular(ish) basis, but, alas, there are other demands on my finances (you know, like food, mortgage payments, bills – all those tedious things) which make blowing £1000+ an impossibility. So, if I am to have a new bag for the spring, it’s going to be high street all the way. Fortunately, there’s a growing market in bags that look designer, but don’t cost it.…


Zero time, Max style: Part Three

                                                Sweater: Tippi sweater, £69.98, J.Crew You know our love for J.Crew. Let me tell you about this jumper. It is currently upholding its status as Most Useful Item in my wardrobe (I am wearing a navy Tippi today, with a cute navy quilt from Topshop and the Banana Republic necklace I tweeted not so long ago. It’s in the sale! Go buy!). I share my obsession with both J.Crew and the Tippi with my boss, Jo Elvin, the Editor of GLAMOUR, her PA and one of the fashion eds – so I know I am in good company (these women really know how to dress). Yesterday, Jo pointed out that Reese Witherspoon (a celebrity we think we’d be friends with, should the situation arise) was wearing a Tippi to show how she’s got back to her “pre-baby figure” (don’t you just love that preoccupation) whilst out and about in LA. And very nice she looks, too. Anyway, the Tippi. I love it. And would perhaps style this one thus. (I warn you – this is a dream scenario situ. But still, planning ahead…


Tote-ally dreamy

Sorry – that is a terrible pun. But look at this bag. Isn’t she beautiful? Doesn’t she speak of Audrey Hepburn strolling along the sweet cobbled streets of a fishing village in Italy? I really do feel that this could be me if this bag was mine. It even has a compartment marked ‘bits and bobs’. Really, what more could a girl ask? Capability Nevis, £495, Anya Hindmarch  …