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How we fell back in love in Whistles

Ten or so years ago, in what we shall now refer to as my 'Wedding Years' you couldn't as much as go to a wedding or a hen do without bumping into someone wearing a Whistles dress. Quite possibly you were wearing one too. Probably with a nipped in waist and tulip skirt, they were incredibly flattering, beautifully cut and - this became the problem - EVERYWHERE. It was probably one of the reasons why during the 'Wedding Years' and then in the early 'Bump Years', I found myself going off Whistles. The style always used to be the same (not much in store for bumps and post-baby mum tums) and with a small baby and reduced salary, the prices were a bit out of my budget. And so, I got used to swerving Whistles, preferring instead the cheaper, headier thrill of Zara and then the delicious curveball designs of Cos and Stories. But, recently - and we're talking the last few months - both Natasha and I have started to fall in love with Whistles again....…

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How to think (wear, decorate with) pink

Pink is the new black. Honestly. It’s true. And not just any pink – bright pink for preference. (My five-year-old will be delighted….) I don’t need any convincing to add it to my home or my wardrobe (you are talking to the woman who once had a hot pink themed Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of a December baby girl), but the question is: can I convince you?…



Forget anything remotely body con. Easter weekend is not the time for such nonsense. What it is the time for (quite frankly, when isn’t there the time for?) is a jacket that looks designer (Isabel Marant anyone?) but is one hundred per cent high street – and not one of my regular haunts. This little lovely, so very on trend it’ll make your spring wardrobe, even has a French designer-y name (surely that’s no coincidence?). It’s the Mathilde jacket courtesy of Monsoon – and costs a not-at-all-designer £89.   Because I am a kind and generous woman, I also include a little something for the mini fashioneaster in your life. (God, I love that pun.) It’s from a new shop I’ve recently discovered, Alice a Paris. It has shops in Paris, which is only fuelling my desire to take a spring jaunt to Paris with my little family. Could this top be more French if it tried? Blouse, 22 €. Praise be, they sell online – and you can buy it here. (Note to mothers of boys – including Alex – they do fab stuff for little monsieurs as well.)…