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How to…book a family holiday by Tamara Heber-Percy of Mr & Mrs Smith

You probably have your summer holiday plans sorted. If not, don’t worry, we have help at hand from the very knowledgeable and very lovely Tamara Heber-Percy, co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith. Having just launched Smith & Family, a new collection of hotels cherry-picked for parents with children in tow, working mum Tamara knows everything there is to know about gorgeous hotels, travelling with kids and choosing the right place for ALL the family. Even if this summer’s trip is well and truly planned, there are still future holidays to think about, so don’t book without reading this first. Happy Holidays!…


Ready for a holiday?

We definitely are. So meet Cass Chapman. Cass is the founder and director of Kodomo, an altogether brilliant website which curates the best luxury family holidays: so that’s your holiday sourced, impeccably reviewed, and you can book via the site. Genius. As a food and travel journalist, Cass has written for Vogue, Glamour, The Sunday Times and CN Traveller – and roamed the globe, but now lives an idyllic-sounding life by the sea with her husband Jamie and daughter, the adorable Lola. She is thus perfectly placed to tell us exactly what to book for the school holidays……