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Spring Home Updates (Simple as you like)

Much as I love to be cosy at home, it feels good to throw open the French doors to the garden and let the air in. (And to dry my washing outside. Brief pause to appreciate the lovely Instagrammers who share my obsession. Honestly, when it’s warm-ish and sunny I start prowling the house for things to wash.) Whilst I am unlikely (in the near future anyway, with small children and work to contend with) to find time for a good old-fashioned Spring clean, I do think it’s worth casting a critical eye over your home and seeing where you can add some seasonal tweaks. I do love a so-easy-it’s-almost-cheating Spring home update.…

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Five Interiors Hacks

As much as we enjoy a luxe home tour, we also love clever interiors hacks here at W&W towers. Here are five sneaky shortcuts we’ve picked up……

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How to think (wear, decorate with) pink

Pink is the new black. Honestly. It’s true. And not just any pink – bright pink for preference. (My five-year-old will be delighted….) I don’t need any convincing to add it to my home or my wardrobe (you are talking to the woman who once had a hot pink themed Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of a December baby girl), but the question is: can I convince you?…

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Is 2017’s Colour of the Year the one for you?

I have no idea how trend-forecasters know these things, but know them they do, and thanks to the clever folk at Dulux, we now know that Denim Drift has been announced as 2017’s Colour of the Year. And it’s rather lovely, I must say. I know: I would say that as it has more than a hint of grey. But hark at that lovely smoky blue edge. Here are some blue hues you can get it into your home right now this minute, making you look so very previous. (Which is what some of the fashion team on the first magazine I ever worked on used to say when they meant ‘ahead of the curve’. At least, this is what I took it to mean…)…

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How to have children and a stylish home

We are thoroughly of the opinion that your children should not take over your home. Have them, by all means; welcome them into the fold. We just don’t want to see evidence of them everywhere. When Chloe from Marloe London sent me these pictures of her living space, my first thought was, “but where is the child-related debris?” (Okay, “I really like that yellow chair” came first, but that was hot on its heels.) So I asked Chloe – who runs Marloe London with her friend Marina – to explain to us how she achieves this magical effect of vanishing of her children.…

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How to Make Your Home Feel Like Summer (All Year ‘Round)

We were – for all of a week – living the summer dream. We ate outside. Slept under just a sheet whilst being blasted by fans. Watched the strawberries swell and the geraniums luxuriate in the heat. Now, well, it’s not cold exactly. But it’s not tropical. Fortunately, it can be summer all year ’round if you follow our advice.…