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Zero Time, Max Style

I am not recommending that you wear a hat. No, no, Not when the sun has finally shown its face. No, here I am merely illustrating the fact that you can totally mix and match patterns to great effect. Perhaps not quite Cara Delavigne and co at Glastonbury, but in the style of Tory Burch in the top picture? Oh yes. You may have noticed that Alex and I both have a bit of a Thing about printed trousers. This pair are box fresh new to Topshop this week – and very natty they are, too. Your instinct with trousers like these might be to team them with a very simple grey or white tee. Go ahead, by all means – chic, simple, very French. However, you could be bold and opt for a contrasting pattern. (I know. Call me crazy.) This, however, has the makings of the perfect t-shirt, so you’d be forgiven the investment (and will wear it with oodles of other things). Alternatively, really shake it up with lemon and white stripes. This gorgeous number from MIH Jeans would work beautifully. Let’s finish where we started, with Tory Burch, and accessorise with one of her bags. I…


Green glorious green

  I think my Asos fixation might be getting out of hand. I learnt the secret of successful asos-ing (what? ‘To asos’ – it works as a verb…) courtesy of my boss (this is not, I should add, all I have learnt from her – the woman is a powerhouse). The secret is to check in regularly, scour the ‘what’s new’ page and look out for Asos’s own line, for there you will find items to covet.* I have just snapped up this little beauty. The shape, the colour (that green with the navy belt…), the texture – they’re all so bang on that I think it might just become my spring wardrobe staple. And it will work brilliantly with a striped top – the litmus test of a good buy. I might even be daring and pair with something like my brighter-than-bright pink J Crew ‘Tippi’ jumper. Too much, you say? * They also do a nice line in affordable maternity basics. Because, really, what more do you need than jeans, trousers and some pretty floaty tops? Picture: Asos…