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The Last Child

I have two children who I love – as I tell them so every night when I tuck them in – to the moon and back; so very much that my heart threatens to burst at times. Our family is complete: we only ever wanted two children, and two we have. I know how very lucky this is.…


Does Marriage Matter?

Love and its sometime attendant, marriage, has been much on mind of late. My brother and his long-term (very long-term. We do not rush these things in our family) got married the other weekend. The sun shone, there was dancing, and twinkling lights, and a lakeside blessing, and so much joy and love. It made me think about love: how do you know? What makes us so certain? And marriage: why, in our secular age, does it still matter?…


The First Kiss

My husband’s attitude towards talking about relationships is that they are like an antique clock i.e. don’t tinker with the mechanism. It works  (it’s still going!), be happy. I like the simplicity of this, but I’m a questioner: I like to know why (and who, what, when and where, should you fancy filling me in). I don’t over-think my own relationship (like most of us, I don’t have time, for starters) but I am fascinated by what makes other people’s tick. And I am, on occasion, given moment to pause and consider my own happy coupling. Like when I read this……