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One bump or two?

I have one child. She is two and a half. She never stops chattering (unless very very tired), is funny, feisty, and very, very sweet. She is, undoubtedly, the best thing I (we) have ever done and one of the great loves of my life. The other day I had a doctor’s appointment and no childcare, so along came my girl. She sat, ‘reading’ out loud and eating blueberries, intermittently asking, “What are you talking about, Mummy?” before having an investigatory ramble around the doctor’s consulting room (“Now, this is in-ter-es-ting.”). The doctor nodded and remarked – in her splendid Italian accent – “Yes, she is very active, isn’t she?,” and then did one of those continental shrugs and said, “This is girls. If you have a boy next you will say, “’What is this? Why is he so easy?’”…


How would you feel if your husband was really good friends with another woman?

…And I mean really good friends. The kind of friends who enjoy drinks after work, chat on the phone at least once a week, go for walks together in the park? Would it make you feel uneasy? Jealous? I suspect it might. Although, perhaps it depends on how long they’ve known each other. Whether she’s attached. Whether she has kids……