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Colour Files: Pink

Where do you stand on wearing colour? How about the deliberate colour clash - which is everywhere, so even if you have no intention of sporting it yourself, prepare to see others rocking the look. Shades might be advisable if colour is anathema. We'll start with an easy one: pink.…


10 Bargain Buys

  There are times when we labour over posts, but there are others when we simply want to bring you The Good Stuff. Today is one of those days. So here are ten bargain buys I’ve spotted and hankered after (and may even have in my shopping bag right now).…


How to…Pack for a Week in the Sun

We had the best week in Corsica (our fifth time on this perfectly gorgeous island: guide coming soon!) I also rigorously applied the packing rules which made life so simple that I am (almost) tempted to streamline my wardrobe. (I said ‘almost’…)…


Fab Fashion High Street collaboration: Daniella Helayel x Monsoon

Founder and former Creative Director of Issa and designer of the sell-out dress that Kate Middleton wore for her engagement pics, Daniella Helayel's beautifully-cut capsule collection for Monsoon launches online today (10 days earlier than you'll find it in stores)...…


Christmas Competition: Win a stunning dress worth £149 from Monsoon

It’s something of a Christmas tradition for us to rustle up some prizes to offer over the festive period. And, this year is no different. Kicking off our Christmas Competition season (in which we’ll offer prizes on different days over the next few weeks) is the chance to win this gorgeous velvet tunic dress from Monsoon, one of our favourite high street brands……



Forget anything remotely body con. Easter weekend is not the time for such nonsense. What it is the time for (quite frankly, when isn’t there the time for?) is a jacket that looks designer (Isabel Marant anyone?) but is one hundred per cent high street – and not one of my regular haunts. This little lovely, so very on trend it’ll make your spring wardrobe, even has a French designer-y name (surely that’s no coincidence?). It’s the Mathilde jacket courtesy of Monsoon – and costs a not-at-all-designer £89.   Because I am a kind and generous woman, I also include a little something for the mini fashioneaster in your life. (God, I love that pun.) It’s from a new shop I’ve recently discovered, Alice a Paris. It has shops in Paris, which is only fuelling my desire to take a spring jaunt to Paris with my little family. Could this top be more French if it tried? Blouse, 22 €. Praise be, they sell online – and you can buy it here. (Note to mothers of boys – including Alex – they do fab stuff for little monsieurs as well.)…