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5 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting: Marloe London’s Chloe Riddell

Remember Marina from Marloe London (one of our new favourites for one of those baby essentials: multi-purpose muslins which are so gorgeous they can even be worn as scarves) and her reassuring, warm and lovely 5 Things…? Now it’s over to her brilliant business partner, Chloe – mama to Rufus, 2 and a half, and Cosmo, 7 months – who shares her parenting wisdom (I love number 2).…


5 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting…Twins

I remember when I was first pregnant, my husband and I merrily thought that twins would be a great way to get the whole pregnancy and baby thing over in on go. HA. Like two babiest at once wouldn’t have sent us over the edge. Fortunately, Marie-Claire Dorking is far more of a wonder woman that I am. Freelance writer/editor, founder of Skribe London and mother of five-year-old twins, Leo and Maeve (find her on Twitter @MarieDorking) – we’re thrilled/awed to discover what she’s learned about parenting two small people, simultaneously.…

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting: Marina Sevier of Marloe London

Alex and I are all too conscious that the relationship between ‘baby essentials’ and ‘style’ is a tenuous one. I remember dispatching my mum to buy emergency ‘tiny baby’ babygrows for my little girl and she came back marveling that it still held fast that pink was for girls and blue for boys – and that the cutesy factor was off the scale. Imagine a world where baby essentials were all gorgeous, utterly covetable – and useful long after your babies have grown. Welcome, then, with open arms, Marloe London, set up by new mamas Marina Sevier and Chloe Riddell. Yearning after something more sophisticated, they’ve produced the softest bamboo and organic cotton muslins in ice cream shades (I have my eye on the ombre dip-dyed ones). They can be draped over prams (or indeed chairs and sofas), used as picnic rugs, a swaddle, as a stylish means of breastfeeding modesty, even draped around your neck as a scarf. Because something you use every single day for months (even years) should be as stylish as possible. We love them. And we’re delighted that Marina (mama to Uma, 2, and Leo, 5 months) has agreed to share her 5 Things… with…


The Story of our Son – a very personal journey through Infertility by Dina Honour

As soon as I read this beautiful post by Dina Honour, the ex-pat, Copenhagen-based blogger behind Wine & Cheese (Doodles), I knew that I wanted to share it. The road to motherhood can be a difficult, lonely and long one and as Dina says “I honestly believe it’s important for people who have been through the experience to know that the trauma of it does fade, but more importantly no one should feel shame about the way they chose to start or grow their family. Women (and men to a degree) shouldn’t feel lessened simply because they may have needed help conceiving or indeed, may not have been able to conceive at all.” Here she shares her experiences of medicated IUI (inuterine insemination), pregnancy and the story of her son……


The Truth about Dutch Parenting

Parenting in Holland. Is it all about babies in bike baskets? A Unicef survey found that Dutch children are the happiest in the world, and their mothers don’t get depressed because Dutch women have the best balance between family and part-time word. So, is parenting in Holland really Living The Dream? We asked Boonie Joosten, a mother of four, antenatal yoga teacher and childcare assistant……


The truth about Swedish parenting

I think that it’s fair to say that a lot of Brits are fascinated by how other countries parent. Just see the obsession with all things French (on that note, you must read this fascinating article from US Vogue). When it comes to parenting, Sweden has long had a reputation of having it pretty much sorted  – the shared/extended maternity and paternity leave, being outdoors no matter the weather, the amazing childcare provision… But, really, is being a parent in Sweden all that? To find out, we asked Juliet Nilsson, author of The Hounds of Falsterbo and founder of the Vind & Våg publishing house, and mother of Sebastian (Sebba) 12, Oliver (Bear) 10 and Elizabeth (Betty) 3. Jules (who grew up in the UK) has raised her children in both the UK and the Sweden, so is perfectly placed when it comes to comparing the two. Read on, it really is fascinating, while I guarantee the cost of childcare will leave your eyes watering…*…