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Party Dressing: Sorted

Party dressing isn't what it used to be. Not because we've abandoned the brief dresses of our youth (we were more of the jeans-and-a-pretty-top generation) but because we have less chance to get dressed up, so we make more of it when we actually do. Nice dress for dinner with girlfriends? Absolutely. Jumpsuit and fabulous heels for a 40th? Bring it on (this is what Alex wore to my 40th and very fabulous she looked in it, too).…


Issa: The feel-good dress

Like Taylor Swift, I very rarely stay up too late*. But when I do, I like to dress for the occasion. Moreover, I am highly sympathetic with the ‘from work to night out’ sartorial conundrum. But now I think I’ve found the answer to the question ‘what do I wear?’ for pretty much any night out.…


How to do party dressing (with a little help from Victoria Beckham)

Last night, I went to the GLAMOUR Women of the Year awards. I know, I am a jammy so-and-so, but I was working, okay? It’s my JOB. It was a pret-ty fabulous night. (Victoria Beckham was there with Brooklyn as her ‘date’ (how sweet is that?) – it pretty much sets the standard.) Anyway, I am not here to talk about the night (head to for all the gossip) but dressing for such events.…