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Lockdown Literature: Lose Yourself in a Book

Week, err, six, is it? How are we all doing? I am less 'keep calm and carry on' and more 'grit teeth and get through it'. If ever there was a time to escape into a book, this is it. Here's my tried-and-tested comfort reads and some brilliant new forthcoming books in my lockdown reading list. …


How to Write Your First Book by Helen Whitaker, author of The School Run

It's hard to believe that Helen Whitaker wrote her first novel, The School Run on maternity leave (how?) and finished it whilst juggling a full-time job and a toddler (how?). We're in awe. Obviously I'm thrilled she did it (she's a fiercely funny writer) and delighted to have here on W&W. Here are Helen's tips on how to write your first book (short answer: there are no shortcuts, you just have to write) plus the books which have shaped her as a woman and a writer.…


#WWReads: The Wild Other

Welcome to the second instalment of WWreads. This book comes with a warning: if you have tears, prepare to shed them. (But you should read it, because it is breathtakingly honest, unstinting in its truth and beautifully written.…


Weekend Reading

Happy weekend. Rumour has it the cold is going to start biting, which makes it the perfect time to curl up with one of these reads……