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Pastels for Spring? Groundbreaking (but Gorgeous)

Dare I say it? The weather has been positively (comparatively) balmy of late. There's blossom on the trees. I've bared my ankles for three days on the trot. Spring is coming and it heralds a wardrobe (and home) shift. I am sliding away from darks and into the light joyfulness of pastel hues.…


Lilac. Let’s Discuss.

Lilac. Discuss. I have mentioned before that Alex and I are on either side of the divide when it comes to this particular shade. Last time we were together, we saw a lilac coat. I cooed. She visibly shuddered. Which leads to me think that it may be a marmite shade.…

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Spring Home Updates (Simple as you like)

Much as I love to be cosy at home, it feels good to throw open the French doors to the garden and let the air in. (And to dry my washing outside. Brief pause to appreciate the lovely Instagrammers who share my obsession. Honestly, when it’s warm-ish and sunny I start prowling the house for things to wash.) Whilst I am unlikely (in the near future anyway, with small children and work to contend with) to find time for a good old-fashioned Spring clean, I do think it’s worth casting a critical eye over your home and seeing where you can add some seasonal tweaks. I do love a so-easy-it’s-almost-cheating Spring home update.…


Spring Style: Spring Jackets

Oh, what to wear when it’s too warm for a coat but too cool to go without? Why, a Spring jacket of course. This post is a better-late-then-never. I started it about five times last week – but then things got in the way (like falling asleep/piles of domestic admin and ironing etc). Which actually might have worked out very well.…


Spring Update

Happy Easter! We are celebrating by eating many mini eggs (this is probably just me) and taking some time off to be with our families. Please come and visit us over on Instagram (@wearandwhere) and Twitter (@WearandWhereUK), where we’ll keep you posted as to our goings-on and any brilliant discoveries we make along the way. In the meantime, here’s just a few things we’ll be doing this week……


The new denim

This spring denim will be everywhere. Not just confined to your legs or the odd jacket, you’ll find everything from A-line skirts to sleeveless tops, maxi-dresses and jumpsuits to culottes and shorts made from the blue stuff. Dress it up or dress it down, this is easily the easiest trend to dip your toe into over the next few months….…