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Summer(ish) Dresses With Sleeves

This post was inspired by a conversation I've had with many friends. They don't ask much: they simply want a summer dress that isn't strappy. Or flimsy. Or skin-flashingly inappropriate. An all-day-to-night dress that keeps you cool and looks good. Reader, I give you: summer dresses with sleeves.…


Holiday Packing, 3 Ways

Anyone else counting down the days? Yep, holiday season looms large. With this in mind, here's three ways to tackle your holiday packing.(Alternatively, here's what to wear if you're running out of outfit ideas for the heatwave...)…


M&S: The Spend it Well Summer Edit

It can be tempting to keep your best clothes for, well, best. That flute sleeve beauty of a top? Can you really wear it on the school run, to work, around the house? Or that beautiful summery maxi dress, could you possibly wear it to the shops? We think yes. Life, is very much, for living, which also applies to your wardrobe. If you love something wear it and wear it and wear it, as what's the point in having something you adore just hanging forlornly in your wardrobe? With that in mind, we've both been busy checking out and trying on Marks & Spencer's new summer collection, which is very good this year and nicely ticking the sartorial boxes we love. Gorgeous flared midi skirts? YES! Tasselled jewellery and pom-pommed sandals? YES! Statement sleeves? YES SIRREEE! Here's what we've found that's available to buy in store and online now....…


The Peasant Blouse

That folkloric peasant blouse by Vita Kin? The ones which cost, oh, I don’t know, about a gazillion pounds? Yes, those. How much do we covet one?…