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Family-friendly travel: Sweden for the summer?

Sweden isn’t just for fashion, snow and super-blonde hotties – it’s also fantastic for holidays. The beaches are gorgeous (trust me, I’ve seen them in all their delicious white-sand gorgeousness), the summer light is almost endless and there’s just so much to do for families. Whether you hit Stockholm, head to an island or lounge around by the sea, you’re in for a good time……

StyleStyle around the World

Style around the world: How to dress like a Swede

Ever since we started our Style around the World series, I’ve been desperate to find someone to give us an insight into Swedish style. And now (drum roll please) we’ve found one…Born and raised in Sweden, but based in London, Gabrielle Spang is the founder of ScandiMini, a fab online boutique (and shop in Brook Green) focusing on the kind of super-stylish Scandinavian childrenswear that we love (we’re talking laid-back, relaxed, age-appropriate…) As someone who has lived in both countries, we thought Gabrielle was the perfect person to talk to about the differences in Swedish and British style, not to mention give us her thoughts on why Brits are just so Scandi-crazy at the moment. From the quintessential Swedish look to the top children’s Scandi brands, Gabrielle opens her little Swedish style book……


The truth about Swedish parenting

I think that it’s fair to say that a lot of Brits are fascinated by how other countries parent. Just see the obsession with all things French (on that note, you must read this fascinating article from US Vogue). When it comes to parenting, Sweden has long had a reputation of having it pretty much sorted  – the shared/extended maternity and paternity leave, being outdoors no matter the weather, the amazing childcare provision… But, really, is being a parent in Sweden all that? To find out, we asked Juliet Nilsson, author of The Hounds of Falsterbo and founder of the Vind & Våg publishing house, and mother of Sebastian (Sebba) 12, Oliver (Bear) 10 and Elizabeth (Betty) 3. Jules (who grew up in the UK) has raised her children in both the UK and the Sweden, so is perfectly placed when it comes to comparing the two. Read on, it really is fascinating, while I guarantee the cost of childcare will leave your eyes watering…*…