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Zero Time, Max Style

I am not recommending that you wear a hat. No, no, Not when the sun has finally shown its face. No, here I am merely illustrating the fact that you can totally mix and match patterns to great effect. Perhaps not quite Cara Delavigne and co at Glastonbury, but in the style of Tory Burch in the top picture? Oh yes. You may have noticed that Alex and I both have a bit of a Thing about printed trousers. This pair are box fresh new to Topshop this week – and very natty they are, too. Your instinct with trousers like these might be to team them with a very simple grey or white tee. Go ahead, by all means – chic, simple, very French. However, you could be bold and opt for a contrasting pattern. (I know. Call me crazy.) This, however, has the makings of the perfect t-shirt, so you’d be forgiven the investment (and will wear it with oodles of other things). Alternatively, really shake it up with lemon and white stripes. This gorgeous number from MIH Jeans would work beautifully. Let’s finish where we started, with Tory Burch, and accessorise with one of her bags. I…


Zero Time, Max Style

Okay, brace yourself, this skirt is the starting point for today’s Style/Time post. I know, bright is the word. (And perhaps a little Doris Day….) But bear with me. It’s not as scary as it looks, colour-shy readers. AND you can wear it for work (unless you work in a mega-corporate environment) and it’s a shoo-in for the wedding season. For everyday wear, think Carolina Herrera (the woman has about a gazillion white shirts – I know this because when I interviewed her, years ago, she was wearing said shirt with a fabulous gold skirt, and confessed she had lost count of the number of white shirts she possessed) and opt for a classic, crisp, white shirt. This season, when it comes to shirts, it’s all about buttoning them right up to the top. (All part of the modesty movement i.e. fashion has turned its back on flesh-baring.) Here are two options: investment versus high street steal: Carven white shirt, £230, my-wardrobe; formal clean structured shirt, £32, Topshop                                           I’d probably opt for a simple shoe, here. The skirt does all the talking…


Maternity Monday – Part 1: How to dress a bump

Welcome to Maternity Monday! Fear not: for the bump-free and the ‘no intention of being with bump any time soon’, normal service shall resume tomorrow. We’ve just come over a little bit pregnancy today. Call it the Kate Middleton effect. This is the first of three special posts: come back soon for  an indispensable beauty guide from the brilliant Grace Timothy – beauty editor/guru and writer of the fabulous The Pregnant Beauty Guide. But, first up, because style is a subject so very dear to my heart (as my bank balance knows to its cost), I bring you the W&W guide to dressing your bump. You’re pregnant? Congratulations! You are about to embark upon the best adventure ever. You are also about to embark upon Wardrobe Confusion. Fancy looking like this? Then avoid doing what I did when first pregnant, and temporarily forget how you actually dress. If you never wear pattern/dresses/a blazer over leather leggings/dunagrees, why on earth would you do so now? I think of this when I see pictures of Kate Middleton (I cannot for the life of me remember to call her the Duchess of Cambridge. She looks exactly like a Kate Middleton to me) with her teeny weeny…

My Uniform/ Style FileStyle

My uniform: Antonia Kraskowski, fashion editor and blogger

Meet Antonia. She’s a stylist, deputy fashion editor at The Express, owner of a sausage dog called Holly, and the self-named ‘sartorial guinea pig’ behind the fabulous Thirty Days blog. (Do also check out her hilarious new incarnation, Flatzilla – as the fashionista tackles flat-owning (and renovation).  We love her work and really love her style. In the first of an irregular regular series, she gives us the lowdown on her look (with, naturally, that all-important ‘steal a stylist’s secrets’ bit.)…