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World Leaders

I’ve been traipsing around town doing the annual round of ‘Christmas in July’ press days (yes, this is as surreal as it sounds. However it can also be beautiful. Check out the pictures from The White Company’s gorgeous press day on our Instagram feed). My radar is on high alert for brilliant presents for everyone (including, err, myself). This caught my eye yesterday and leapt to the top of my children’s lists. Create-A-World is essentially giant fuzzy felt which feeds the imagination. You can also buy an ABC set so you can throw in a bit of learning. Simply Good is run by a couple who clearly know exactly how children’s (and mama’s) minds work. Buy it here.  …

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Little and Large

  Now, I am not suggesting you dress like twins. That would be a bit much. But there is nothing wrong with a spot of hers and hers. (Or hers and his.) Sometimes, it can be fun to be a little alike. It is undeniable that my daughter often wears a smaller version of what I wear. 1. A little bit of inspirational reading: cooking for me, paper craft for her. (Two-and-a-half is a bit young – and far too destructive – for paper dolls. (But I have bookmarked this genius project by the lovely Tiny and Little for the next, inevitable rainy day.) 2. Yesterday, I bought C the MOST adorable Isabel Marant (yep, Alex and I are both obsessed) dress from the Zara Kids sale. Now, it’s not on the website, so I can’t show you, but this is of the same ilk (they also have a smocked pinafore which I cannot rave about enough – it’s like something an Italian bambino would wear). And I adore the Greta dress by the actual Isabel M. 3. Breton stripes all ’round. Personally, I don’t think you can ever have enough Breton striped tops. Both of these are also available in sunshine yellow stripes. Bring it…