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My (Beauty) Uniform: Grace Timothy, editor and blog queen

Hurrah! Grace is back! And, with a little twist on the usual ‘My Uniform’ formula, she’s here to tell you what a beauty ed simply cannot live without. (Have you checked out her blog, The Pregnant Beauty Guide, yet?) When I was growing up, makeup was always hovering overhead, a tantalising trapping of ‘being a grown up’. Then, as a gangly, boob-less woman, I could make it work in a way clothes just didn’t. I get clothes on other people – and worked in fashion for 4 years – but struggle to dress myself to great effect. I’m not that into it bags or perilous shoes, but I will always have THE season’s hottest colours… on my face. My uniform is all about the skin, lips, eyes and nails. So whatever sartorial error I’m making, at least I’ve got a bold lip to distract. Obviously as a beauty editor, I’m constantly trying new products. And yet there are a few gems I always return to……


Zero time, Max style: Part Three

                                                Sweater: Tippi sweater, £69.98, J.Crew You know our love for J.Crew. Let me tell you about this jumper. It is currently upholding its status as Most Useful Item in my wardrobe (I am wearing a navy Tippi today, with a cute navy quilt from Topshop and the Banana Republic necklace I tweeted not so long ago. It’s in the sale! Go buy!). I share my obsession with both J.Crew and the Tippi with my boss, Jo Elvin, the Editor of GLAMOUR, her PA and one of the fashion eds – so I know I am in good company (these women really know how to dress). Yesterday, Jo pointed out that Reese Witherspoon (a celebrity we think we’d be friends with, should the situation arise) was wearing a Tippi to show how she’s got back to her “pre-baby figure” (don’t you just love that preoccupation) whilst out and about in LA. And very nice she looks, too. Anyway, the Tippi. I love it. And would perhaps style this one thus. (I warn you – this is a dream scenario situ. But still, planning ahead…

My Uniform/ Style FileStyle

My uniform: Antonia Kraskowski, fashion editor and blogger

Meet Antonia. She’s a stylist, deputy fashion editor at The Express, owner of a sausage dog called Holly, and the self-named ‘sartorial guinea pig’ behind the fabulous Thirty Days blog. (Do also check out her hilarious new incarnation, Flatzilla – as the fashionista tackles flat-owning (and renovation).  We love her work and really love her style. In the first of an irregular regular series, she gives us the lowdown on her look (with, naturally, that all-important ‘steal a stylist’s secrets’ bit.)…