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Seeing Spots: The Return of the Polka Dot

Have you noticed that retro prints are taking over? First it was gingham (which I still love - fear not, gingham), then polka dots started cropping up everywhere. And a polka dot dress might be exactly what your wardrobe needs right now.…


5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for Autumn

Yes, it’s (notionally) still summer, but the new season stock is trickling into the shops and our consciousness. You hesitate now and that chunky knit will be a lost love after which you will pine all winter. And the weather has gone all crazy on us (grey but warm/raining/downright chilly), so what better excuse for easing your wardrobe gently into autumn? Here are five key pieces to update your wardrobe for autumn. (You know the drill: buy now, wear now, feel smug, add a sweater as the chill sets in.)…


Cherry Ripe

Is it just us, or is there suddenly a glut of cherry red brights hitting the high street? Today (because the forecast is for grey and gloom) we give you a round-up of our favourites.…