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Leopard or Snakeskin: which animal print tribe are you?

Not so long ago, animal prints were about as stylish as me building a Celtic Roundhouse in the woods on a drizzly Wednesday (don't ask), but these days they are ALL the rage. Leopard print has been a Front Row favourite for a few years now, but this season it has prowled into the mainstream, managing to straddle that tricky divide of being 'on-trend', but also a classic. Snakeskin, on the other hand, has been in the sartorial woods for a little longer. Lesser spotted than leopard, it's now having its turn in the spotlight and is beloved by serious fashionistas and those looking for a new take on the animal trend. With both prints offering some serious style points, which print tribe are you?…


Blogging versus Instagram

Blogs versus Instagram: do you really need both? Are blogs still relevant? Is there any point to blogging any more? Does anyone really have time to read them? Isn’t it all about instagram these days?…


Why Autumn is the perfect time to party….

With Strictly back on TV and the nights drawing in, late September heralds the start of party season. While summer is all about long, light evenings, low-key beauty and laid-back dressing, autumn/winter is when you can up things a notch with a little more eyeliner, perhaps a red lip (don't you love how fashion people say 'lip' rather than 'lips'?) and a fabulous outfit. Going out is just that more fun after dark, isn't it?…