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Something for the weekend: The Best Christmas Jumper Ever

This Christmas jumper is more than just a madly adorable collaboration between Tootsa MacGinty and illustrator Nadia Shireen. Buy it, and 100% of the profit goes to Refuge, helping women and children escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives. If that’s not the best reason ever to sport a festive jumper, we don’t know what is.…


Something (Pink) for the Weekend

I’m a little bit obsessed with this shoot. I love Sophia Coppola. I love the mood. I love this dress (the cover shoot was styled by Little Spree’s Sarah Clark. Why, yes, I do have a style crush on her…). I think it’s because I am feeling in the mood for pink.…


Something for the weekend

From my dream J Crew swimsuit via the perfect Mango summer cover-up – and a Jamie Oliver fish stew. It’s a sweet, short weekend lust list from my Cornish holiday…


Something for the Weekend: Scandi Style part 2

So easy. So laidback. So effortless. I am hoping that the reality is that quite a lot of thought goes into that apparent insouciance, but having – in the cause of a post – spent some considerable time pouring over Stockholm Streestyle, I have come to the conclusion that Scandi girls tend to have the genes and the knack for dressing well.…


Something for the weekend: Spring dresses

Oh Spring. Oh joy for the return of simpler dressing. Instead of painstakingly co-ordinating (or not, as the case may be) an outfit, you skip out of bed, into the shower, and then fling on a frock. Oh frabjous day. Okay. so maybe you’re still adding a jumper, or a jacket; and yes, your legs might be a touch chilly first and last thing – but still, I maintain, one element of my life is about to get easier.…


Christmas Wishlist

Hand on heart, I love Christmas shopping. I love buying presents – preferring the giving to the receiving (um, most of the time…). I love thinking about what each person would most like, imagining their face when they open it. Unfortunately, the bar has been set very high in the latter respect by my mum – who is the best person to buy for: she opens each present slowly, cooing over the wrapping, and then always reacts just right (she once burst into tears when my dad bought her an antique Victorian ring). Thus my husband (who is scrupulously polite but a self-confessed slow-burner where presents are concerned; three weeks after receiving, he’ll suddenly announce how pleased he is with so-and-such) is a tricky recipient to read. My daughter, just three, is unequivocal: her birthday dolls’ house got a “Wow, wow, wow”,  with hands clasped, eyes shining, little jumps up and down; but if not, then she is polite but evidently keener on the process of unwrapping. (There’s no hiding your feelings when you’re three.)…