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Why You Should Wear Red

Let us today discuss the joys of red. Not just the colour of my true love’s lips, it’s also a one of the shades of autumn 2017- and one we embrace most enthusiastically. Here’s how to wear red…


How we fell back in love in Whistles

Ten or so years ago, in what we shall now refer to as my 'Wedding Years' you couldn't as much as go to a wedding or a hen do without bumping into someone wearing a Whistles dress. Quite possibly you were wearing one too. Probably with a nipped in waist and tulip skirt, they were incredibly flattering, beautifully cut and - this became the problem - EVERYWHERE. It was probably one of the reasons why during the 'Wedding Years' and then in the early 'Bump Years', I found myself going off Whistles. The style always used to be the same (not much in store for bumps and post-baby mum tums) and with a small baby and reduced salary, the prices were a bit out of my budget. And so, I got used to swerving Whistles, preferring instead the cheaper, headier thrill of Zara and then the delicious curveball designs of Cos and Stories. But, recently - and we're talking the last few months - both Natasha and I have started to fall in love with Whistles again....…


Zero Time, Max Style

Okay, brace yourself, this skirt is the starting point for today’s Style/Time post. I know, bright is the word. (And perhaps a little Doris Day….) But bear with me. It’s not as scary as it looks, colour-shy readers. AND you can wear it for work (unless you work in a mega-corporate environment) and it’s a shoo-in for the wedding season. For everyday wear, think Carolina Herrera (the woman has about a gazillion white shirts – I know this because when I interviewed her, years ago, she was wearing said shirt with a fabulous gold skirt, and confessed she had lost count of the number of white shirts she possessed) and opt for a classic, crisp, white shirt. This season, when it comes to shirts, it’s all about buttoning them right up to the top. (All part of the modesty movement i.e. fashion has turned its back on flesh-baring.) Here are two options: investment versus high street steal: Carven white shirt, £230, my-wardrobe; formal clean structured shirt, £32, Topshop                                           I’d probably opt for a simple shoe, here. The skirt does all the talking…


New season, new bag? Yes please

At the beginning of each season (I use the term loosely. a. I’m not that fashion (I might work in the industry, but not in the fashion department) and b. This implies that the spring season has actually begun, whereas a mere glance at the thermostat or out the window will confirm that we are still in the grip of The Longest Winter Ever) there is a little bit of me which craves a new handbag. (Hel-lo to this Zara number). Is it me or has what is considered a ‘normal’ price for a designer handbag gone kerazy of late? Obviously, I would love to be able to invest on a regular(ish) basis, but, alas, there are other demands on my finances (you know, like food, mortgage payments, bills – all those tedious things) which make blowing £1000+ an impossibility. So, if I am to have a new bag for the spring, it’s going to be high street all the way. Fortunately, there’s a growing market in bags that look designer, but don’t cost it.…


Maternity Monday – Part 1: How to dress a bump

Welcome to Maternity Monday! Fear not: for the bump-free and the ‘no intention of being with bump any time soon’, normal service shall resume tomorrow. We’ve just come over a little bit pregnancy today. Call it the Kate Middleton effect. This is the first of three special posts: come back soon for  an indispensable beauty guide from the brilliant Grace Timothy – beauty editor/guru and writer of the fabulous The Pregnant Beauty Guide. But, first up, because style is a subject so very dear to my heart (as my bank balance knows to its cost), I bring you the W&W guide to dressing your bump. You’re pregnant? Congratulations! You are about to embark upon the best adventure ever. You are also about to embark upon Wardrobe Confusion. Fancy looking like this? Then avoid doing what I did when first pregnant, and temporarily forget how you actually dress. If you never wear pattern/dresses/a blazer over leather leggings/dunagrees, why on earth would you do so now? I think of this when I see pictures of Kate Middleton (I cannot for the life of me remember to call her the Duchess of Cambridge. She looks exactly like a Kate Middleton to me) with her teeny weeny…


You are my sunshine

The sun (apparently) is going to come out tomorrow. (Like little orphan Annie I am eternally optimistic). But until then, I give you this beauty of a dress from Whistles new collection. £135, Whistles I have this bag in classic black. Biennial satchel, £295.63, J.Crew  It is The Perfect Bag for anyone who: a. leads any kind of double life. I’m thinking work and motherhood, here, but, hey, whatever form your double life takes… My point is simply that it works for both eventualities b. likes to walk around in flats, but switch to heels for work/meetings/luncheon assignations c. totes a vast amount around with them at any given time (book, diary, laptop/kindle/ipad, make-up bag, spare book just in case the bus gets stuck in traffic…) It has compartments a-plenty.  AND it’s a joyous sunshine shade. What’s not to like? I recently discovered (at the Banana Republic summer press day – more of which anon) that Banana Republic do stonkingly good jewellery. And nothing makes an outfit like a chunky necklace or indeed a bracelet.  Or, if you’re in the market for something more delicate, this necklace from ASOS is a bargaintastic beauty.                …