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Winter Warmers

Have you heard that we're in for a cold snap? Hats, scarves and wrist-warmers to the ready!…

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Embrace the Hygge

I could not be any more enthusiastic about the Danish concept of hygge. It might defy definition – it’s more than cosiness. It’s taking pleasure from the simple (elevating the everyday?), slowing down to savour the moment, being soothed by the gentle. It’s coffee in a beautiful cup. A warm bakery. Supper with friends. A chair in a carefully-lit corner where you retreat with your book. It’s something I want in on, so here’s how I plan to seek it out……


The Best Winter Candles

I am a candle fiend. Rare is the evening when I don’t have one flickering as I read, type, watch Strictly Come Dancing¬†– and I often light one during the day when I’m at home, just because I can. They are such a treat – and everything looks so much lovelier by candlelight. And smells better. You could never go wrong if you bought me a candle. Unless, that is, it was a horribly synthetic scent. Or one of those cheap candles which smell of nothing or, conversely, are overpoweringly strong and have more than a hint of cheap loo cleaner about them. Those, I would not thank you for. (Well, I would, because I am a nice, polite, well-brought-up girl.) Here’s the W&W pick of the best scents for your winter.…