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Find The One: How to fall in love with exercise

Brace yourselves. Alex and I have a confession to make. We have both found The One. Not that One. The other one. Exercise. We feel stronger, healthier, more balanced and sleep better. What's not to love? …


How I Make it Work: Tara Lee, yoga guru

I first went to one of Tara Lee‘s yoga classes five years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Something of a yoga legend, Tara is the go-to girl for pregnancy yoga (she also teaches Mother and Baby yoga and Vinyasa Flow) with everyone from Rosamund Pike to Laura Bailey having gone to her classes. Celebrity clients are all well and good, but, there’s so much more to Tara than famous names and starry clientele. Her classes were a revelation to me and one of the most enjoyable things I remember about pregnancy. Every time I went (twice a week with my eldest child – first timer alert, and then a little less than I would’ve liked with my subsequent pregnancies) I left on a high feeling stretched, rested and very, very peaceful. She was wonderful, the exercises amazing and the music just perfect –  I can’t listen to Massive Attack without thinking of her! And so, I for one, am thrilled that she has a new pregnancy video out. I may not be with bump, but I urge anyone who is to try it out. I am also thrilled that Tara (a mother of two, trained doula and…


Pregnancy yoga – a definite ‘do’

Yoga is really good for babies. Okay, not actually doing it themselves, but lying on mats and watching their mamas bend, breathe and stretch. One of the most chilled out little chaps I know spent his formative months on a yoga mat with his mum. Moreover, the benefits being waayyy before the babe is born. Just ask our favourite experts – Grace of The Pregnant Beauty Guide, Tara Lee at The Life Centre, Nadia Narain at Triyoga and Sarah Oakley and Elinor Evans of Yummy Yoga. Both Alex and I practised yoga when we were pregnant and it made a world of difference to our mental state, well-being and bodies (possibly because I generally fell asleep at the end of every class…). So we were thrilled when Sarah and Elinor sent us their guide to why – for the love of om, girls – you need to get yourself on that mat.…

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Spring Clean Your Mind

Some people are more innately ‘zen’ than others. Sarah is one of those people. Whenever I see her, I think, ‘How the bejesus does she always stay so calm?’ Okay, so she’s a yoga teacher and life coach – and runs the brilliant Yummy Yoga, but still…the woman is so chilled (and she has a toddler). (If ever I go mad and get knocked up again, I’m booking into one of their weekend workshops to get the bump some oms. Side note: both Alex and I swore by yoga during our pregnancies. For me, working full time, it was the one time in the week I was guaranteed to sit down and wholly relax/snooze.) However, having read this, I think I begin to get an inkling as to why Sarah appears so calm All The Time. Here she is. Looking sunny and relaxed, obvs. And here’s her advice….…