The Alternative to Jeans

Further to Alex’s genius piece about wardrobe updates that don’t cost a thing, I have a confession to make…

I am So Bored of wearing jeans.  Oh my giddy aunt (as I often say to avoid inappropriate utterances in front of the children. Also common currency: golly gosh, goodness gracious me, what the jiggins Bradley Wiggins – this last borrowed from Alex, who has evidently missed her calling as slogan writer for Henry Holland), enough is enough. it gets to this time of year and I am longing for a change. A jeans alternative, if you will.

Now I’m freelance and work in my loft, there’s no need to get zhuzhed every day unless I have a meeting/am working in-house (although I do make a bit of an effort because I think it gets my brain into work mode). Jeans are such an easy option – they work with everything,

However, I may have found the answer in the form of these khaki chinos from Gap.  I spied them when Alex and i went to the Gap press day and have been stalking the website ever since, waiting for them to drop. I am wearing them as I type (with Breton, navy knit and, erm, slippers) and wore them for breakfast with the super lovely, super stylish Sarah Clark (stylist, fashion editor and the woman behind Little Spree) – where they received her seal of approval. So there you go. Comfortable, practical, stylish. Done. But if you can’t handle the idea of a paper-bag waist (“Why,” demanded an ex-colleague one day years ago, when I was wearing a skirt of this style, “would you deliberately add bulk around your waist?” Um, all the better to hide the cake consumption?) or green, then I also give you a fabulous pair of black trousers (chic but not tailored).

I’ve done a little bit of fashion maths. Just because. Now none of this is going to take you to the office, but if you need an alternative to the ease of jeans, we’ve got it covered…


Outfit 1: Paper bag high rise chinos, £44.95, Gap; White frill top, £29.99, New Look; Lace up ballet flats, £14.99, Asos

Outfit 2: Amie Joggers, £49.50, Hush; Embroidered sweatshirt, £35.99, Mango; Ruffle slip-on trainers, £28, Topshop

Outfit 3: Wide leg crop high rise chinos, £39.95, Gap;Heart breton tee, £95, Chinti & Parker; Leopard heels, £110, Boden

Main image: Pinterest




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