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3b1210d2aa9ee28a3253c458acb364ffTo celebrate the safe arrival of Natasha’s second little bundle of joy (she’ll be needing some serious skin boosters in the next few weeks when the lack of sleep kicks in), and in response to requests for top tips on tired dull skin, this is Rachel Fiddes’ (aka The Beauty Insider) ultimate hit list of skin-saving, radiance-boosting tips, tricks and products. Trust us. Your skin needs this info…

1. Water water everywhere…

Body brush, £15, Aromatherapy Associates

Body brush, £15, Aromatherapy Associates

First up, and it’s an obvious one, drink more water and go to bed earlier. No matter how expensive and how thorough your skincare regime, if you’re not drinking enough, getting enough sleep and eating well, your skin will always look dull. I’m totally guilty of staying up way past a sensible bedtime to hang out one more load of washing or finish off a feature, so every month I force myself to be in bed at 10pm for one week – and it works wonders. Try and drink a big glass of water with every meal and one in between and you’ll feel tonnes more energetic – and your skin will thank you hugely. Dry body brushing once or twice a week before showering will improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in turn helps the metabolism to eliminate toxins. Result? You’ll end up with clearer, brighter skin. I use the Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush – a great size, with an easy to hold handle.

2. Mask It… 

Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial, £xx, REN

Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial, £32 for 75ml, REN

Fight sluggish skin with a weekly facial treatment at home. Dead skin cells make complexions look dull and splotchy and feel rough, and as we age it’s slower to renew itself. So polish away dulling skin cells every week to reveal fresh, new, brighter skin. Top Hollywood secret GlamGlow YouthMud Mask (£49.99) leaves skin radiant and glowing after just 10 minutes, while Bliss’ That’s Incredi-‘peel’ (£41) are spa-strength glycolic resurfacing pads, which specifically target fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and other imperfections. If you need something a little more time efficient, REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial instantly transforms grey skin – the potent vitamin C-packed treatment rejuvenates, boosts radiance, tones and firms. And finally after all that scrubbing and radiance revealing, nothing makes you glow faster than a shot of moisture. So, lie back and relax wearing Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (£19.99), to give thirsty skin a long drink.

3. Skin Saving Serums…

Rose Water Illuminating Serum, £22, Wild About Beauty

Rose Water Illuminating Serum, £22, Wild About Beauty

I’ve recently converted to serums and now they’re a permanent fixture in my skincare routine. Think of them as undoing damage already done to the skin, or combatting specific skin issues – redness, dullness, age spots, wrinkles, acne, dryness, or whatever complexion type you have. And then your moisturiser, applied afterwards, is the barrier to preventing further damage. Choose the right one and they can work some serious magic on tired skin. I’ve been using the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum (from £48) for around three months now, but it only took about 2 weeks for my skin to look noticeably better. A breakthrough formula it repairs the damage you can see and the damage you can’t – evening out skin tone, combatting dullness, reducing dark spots, firming, lifting, hydrating and improving radiance, smoothness and luminosity. I can’t imagine life without it now!

If uneven skin tone and pigmentation is your skin issue, Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum (£59) reduces imperfections, brightens and clears complexions in just 28 days. Whilst Wild About Beauty’s Rose Water Illuminating Serum gently boosts radiance and lustre, soothes and hydrates thanks to a winning combination of botanical extracts and light-reflecting particles.

4.  Moisturise and Massage…

TLC Radiance Cream, £45, Eve Lom

TLC Radiance Cream, £45, Eve Lom

Apply your moisturiser morning and night with a gentle facial massage – it’ll improve circulation and rejuvenate your complexion  after just a few days. Sweep cream up from your jawline over your cheekbones and make mini circular motions across your forehead and down your nose. Massage across your cheeks under the eyes and sweep up over the temples. The market is packed with radiance boosting moisturisers that pep up tired dull skin, but these are some of my favourites. Olay Essentials Glow Perfectors Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion (£9.99 for 75ml) comes in a Normal/Oily version, which is perfect for combination skin. Vitamin-packed Origins VitaZing (£29 for 50ml) is a hardworking energiser that creates instant vibrance, and is oil-free. Simple Kind to Skin+Illuminating Radiance Cream (£7.99 for 50ml) is nasties-free and does exactly what it says on the box. While Eve Lom TLC Radiance Cream is packed with Rose Otto essential oil for a soothing, softening, lifting, luminizing treat.

5. Instant Illuminators…

Wonder Glow, £38.50, Charlotte Tilbury

Wonder Glow, £38.50, Charlotte Tilbury

If your skin is still not looking as peachy perfect as you’d like, an extra boost of illumination on top of your moisturiser may be just what you need to turn around tired skin. The best illuminators also contain skin-caring benefits – and although expensive they’re worth it as they work on your radiance from the inside, not just adding light reflecting particles and masking dull skin. Try energising Oskia Get Up & Glow (£64.50) – youth-boosting nutrients and peptides replenish the skin, while it tones, smoothes and protects against further damage.  Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm (£33) has a powerful vitamin complex to instantly tighten and brighten. Potent vitamin C in Nars Skin Optimal Brightening Concentrate clarifies and evens skin tone and helps to repair and prevent further damage. And finally make-up artist extraordinnaire Charlotte Tilbury has created Wonder Glow,  a superb hybrid anti-ageing elixir and complexion enhancing light diffuser. Collagen-boosting peptides combined with light-reflectors give skin a lit-from-within look, while also working on smoothing away fine lines.

6. CC Creams vs BB Creams …

xx, £x, Soap & Glory

Make Yourself Youthful CC superfluid, £x, Soap & Glory

Do you know your BB from your CC Cream? No I didn’t until I had to research exactly what the difference was! Beauty Balms or Beauty Blemish creams transform dull dehydrated lacklustre complexions with light-reflectors and some skincare added extras. Some are translucent, while others have a little colour – glorified tinted moisturisers really. Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturiser (£5.99) and Top Shop BB Cream (£10) are both really effective and won’t break the bank either. While Colour Correctors or Complexion Correctors blend the skincare benefits of a moisturiser (often with SPF) with the colour of a foundation to brighten dull complexions, combat redness or greyness and smooth away imperfections, while delivering long-term benefits. No7 Youthful CC Cream (£14.50), Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful CC Superfluid (£14), L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream Colour Correcting Beautifier Anti-Dullness (£9.99) and Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream (£9.99) are some of my most rated.

7. Blurred Lines…

Visionnaire Blur, £xx, Lancome

Visionnaire Blur, £40, Lancome

We’d all like to live life in soft focus, and with a little help from these hi-tech multi-tasking new skin treats, you can. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur (£8.66), blurs wrinkles and pores. Indeed Labs’ Nanoblur (£19.99) instantly reduces the look of crows feet, lines, wrinkles and over-sized pores. While Lancome Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur smoothes, evens tone, reduces pore appearance and softens the texture in just 60 seconds. Instant airbrushing!

8. Making Up..

Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator, £22, Clinique

Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator, £22, Clinique

If all else fails, then it’s cover up time. There are so many radiance-boosting luminisers on the market, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t – we want sheeny not shiny.  These are my favourite lotions and potions for hiding tired eyes, camouflaging grey skin and filling in fine lines. Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation (£11.99) and No7 Instant Radiance Foundation (£12.50) both give a healthy, natural looking glow to stressed-out skin. Build up from light to medium coverage with Benefit Hello Flawless Brightening Makeup (£26.50) for a luminous flawless finish. Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in 03 Blush gives a beautiful rosy glow, use alone on bare skin or highlight and contour cheeks and brow bones on top of your usual base – it looks great on slightly tanned or olive complexions. While Revlon Photoready Skinlights (£11.99) in Pink Light does a similar job but for paler skin tones.

9. Instantly Awake…


Blush, £22.50, Nars

Blush, £22.50, Nars

Use your make-up kit as a weapon of mass distraction against exhausted skin and use these radiance-boosting tricks. Feline flicks with a thick black liner will instantly lift tired eyes and make you look bright-eyed and awake. Curling lashes at the lash line, in the middle and again on the ends instantly makes them look more open – seal the curl with a lengthening mascara. A flash of colour on the lips and a flush of pink on the apples of your cheeks will brighten up pallid complexions – the pop of colour will also distract from dark circles under the eyes. Go for a rosy blush with a hint of gold (try Nars Orgasm Blush) to counteract blue tones in tired skin and avoid orange toned blush as it can make eyes look tired. A sweep of bronzer across cheek bones will also help you look more rested. And finally don’t over-pluck! Leaving brows thicker, instantly makes you look more youthful.

10. Beauty Sleep…

Bedtime Boost, £74, Oskia

Bedtime Boost, £74, Oskia

Boost your beauty sleep with one of these night time treats and get glowing while you catch some zzzzzs. Oskia Bedtime Beauty Booster is my current ultimate night cream – morning after complexions are all plumped up and peachy perfect. Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules (£63) are time specific serums – the toxin-breaking-down nighttime lavender one is heavenly and leaves skin youthfully glowing by morning. And then there’s the cult classic Guerlain Midnight Secret, one of the first products I fell in love with as a partying-hard young beauty journalist. Always used when I needed to look like I’d had a sensible 8 hours sleep, when really I’d fallen into bed just before dawn. It worked its magic during the baby years of night feeding every 2-3 hours and now I use it when I have poorly kids and I know I’ll be snatching a few hours here and there between administering calpol and soothing high fevers. A generational winner in my beauty books!

p.s And if your skin is still not glowing and fabulously radiant after working through that little list, then the final option is a great big pair of Jackie O glasses and a smile! No one will even notice your dull, tired skin!

IMAGE: Vogue

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