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Okay, so it’s not a shopping secret per se. But it’s doing a fine line in stealthy creeping up on us. So, does this sound familiar: you haven’t so much as thought about a particular shop for ages, and suddenly rediscover it. And it’s good. Really good.

Alex texted me the other day, with news of a striped she had just bought (why, yes this is vital stuff). She knew I would love it (we had both hankered after something similar – but waaaaay more expensive – from a.n. other shop). Of course she was right, and I promptly bought it the very next day (you can too – it’s right here). Whilst I was there I came over all ‘what the jiggins has happened here? It’s FAB.’

Reader, I was in Warehouse. Which has suddenly become rather brilliant. And it will get even more so: Alisdahair Willis has come on board as brand consultant and Emma Cook as designer (her first collection is this AW). Here’s eight (or so) reasons to shop there right now. Little wonder it’s fast-becoming the fashion insiders’ secret destination.

warehouse_02652830_2Linen mix belted dress, £59

I saw this in store on Monday (I’ve also seen it on one of my friends) and very chic she looked, too. It’s one of those deceptively simple dresses which is very hard to do well on the high street. It will take you almost anywhere. This linen skirt has a very similar pared-back vibe.

warehouse_02675403_2Off the shoulder top, £32 (also in navy and black)

Very much the top of the season, but this one has a preppy, workwear twist on the formula, for which I commend it.

warehouse_02666133_2Striped flute-sleeved dress, £35

Another dress, for which I make no apology. How great is this for the weekend/hanging out with small people/holiday? And the price! I think it’s a case of need…. Alternatively, this ruffle-shouldered denim dress is another fabulous basic.

warehouse_02644936_2Strappy cropped jumpsuit, £59

 I am convinced that this jumpsuit could be the answer to your summer wardrobe queries. it would absolutely work for day (worn with a blouse if it’s too strappy for you), night, weekend (with a tee underneath). I also love this chic little number. If jumpsuits fill you with a vague sense of alarm, then try a block colour (or, um, black or navy) – far less intimidating than print.

warehouse_02619736_3-1Cropped wide leg trousers, £45

Now bear with me here. I know (some of) you (might be) thinking, eek. But I promise you this style of trouser is incredibly wearable. Honest. (You can see me sporting my version – by Alexa for M&S – on our Instagram.) Too much? Try these in khaki (one of the colours of the season). Too little? Try the palm print. And I adore this.

warehouse_02683677_2Cotton off the shoulder dress, £49

&Other Stories always does an excellent summer dress in both black and white. If you missed out on it this year, then look at this one. I can see, well, not myself (we’re off to Cornwall) but you, maybe, drifting around the cobbled streets of an Italian village in this. Also available in white.

warehouse_02663534_2Floral jumpsuit, £45

Yep, it’s another jumpsuit. But look at it. Also available as a midi skirt (great look) and a midi dress.

 P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post (we always tell you when that’s the case). We just really love Warehouse’s collection!

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    June 24, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    What a fab post cannot believe the striped tops aren’t warehouse I treated my selves to these and love them now.I shall order these back ups ooh and now I can buy the similar style dress thank you and thank you again again for a fabulous style edit

  • Reply
    June 27, 2016 at 10:22 am

    I had a pleasant shock when I need a wedding outfit earlier this year and Warehouse delivered – great quality and some styles go up to a size 18. Love it.

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