The First Kiss

db5fa27f9b64e8077f4bee240dd40d4dMy husband’s attitude towards talking about relationships is that they are like an antique clock i.e. don’t tinker with the mechanism. It works  (it’s still going!), be happy. I like the simplicity of this, but I’m a questioner: I like to know why (and who, what, when and where, should you fancy filling me in). I don’t over-think my own relationship (like most of us, I don’t have time, for starters) but I am fascinated by what makes other people’s tick. And I am, on occasion, given moment to pause and consider my own happy coupling. Like when I read this… 12 Lessons Learnt in12 Years of Marriage is funny, witty and wise. I loved it. Funnily enough, though, the one thing I took away from it (which I can still quote) is this:

Kiss Each Other First. I’m imperfect at this, but I try to kiss Brooke [his wife] first when I get home from work. Before I kiss our five kids. It’s a small thing that points to a much bigger reality. For me to be a great dad, I have to be a great husband first. Otherwise, we’ll become roommates who are collectively raising our kids.”

Perhaps it’s because we (semi-recently) became parents to another small, adorable but inevitably demanding person and this, coupled with my husband’s equally demanding job, means the time we have just for the two of us has shrunk – but the moments we can snatch are all the nicer. (Even flopping on the sofa together is a novelty which has yet to wear off.) And the little things have to be made to count. To me, giving my husband the first kiss is a simple way of saying, ‘You matter. We matter’.

What about you? We’d love to hear how you keep the clock ticking.

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