The French bra thing (apparently)

7da90e526b1b2e88f99e4b2eda8c6b0eThe other day, at school drop off, one of the mums said to me, “Oo, you’re doing that French girl thing. I like it”. And I thought, “Um, whatever this is, I think I might like it.” And then asked her what she meant…I was wearing a shirt which is very casual but buttons quite low – and my bra was just visible (a peek, not a full-frontal flash, I hasten to add). Apparently, this is a French girl thing.

I checked in with another friend, an American who has spent time in Paris, who says it’s very much A Thing over there, “You know, the whole not caring if you can see their bra? So whilst we in the States and you guys in the Uk to an extent, ensure no one sees the bra, they’ll do a pretty lacy bra under a white shirt kinda thing, or show a flash of strap. It helps,” she added, “that they all seem to be fashionably flat-chested and have gorgeous lingerie. It’s probably why they have rampant sex lives.”

Leaving aside the sweeping generalisation vis-à-vis the love lives of our Parisian counterparts (anyone know if it’s true? Answers below, please…), I’m all in favour. (You can see the evidence over on Instagram – my mother’s response to that picture was to ask, “Did you wear that to work? I hope you put on a vest…”). Quite honestly, anything which celebrates the more modest (of size – we’ve already established I’m shameless enough to wear a vaguely transparent, low-buttoning shirt on the school run) bosom is right up my street. So, yes, I am totally doing that French girl thing.

Here’s what I’d like to be wearing beneath…

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Navy lace bra, £19, Cos; Astrid bra, £20.90, Heidi Klum Intimates at The Outnet

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Elsa bra, £50, Stella McCartney at; delicate gold underwire bra, £24, Topshop

Image of Jane Birkin via Pinterest


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    Cindi Patterson
    May 13, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    I love that… but to actually buy a bra that comes in S/M/L sizing – ha! I have better chances of winning the lotto 🙂

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