The Hero Pieces your Winter Wardrobe needs….

You want your clothes to work hard, to fit with your existing wardrobe and to be worn a multitude of ways. You also don’t want to spend a fortune buying a whole new set of winter clothes when you have lots of great ones already. In short, what you’re looking for are hero pieces that will update your wardrobe for winter 2018, feel amazing to wear and fit seamlessly into your life….

A Statement Knit

Can I just say that I LOVE this Rock’n’Roll knit. I mean really love it. It’s the first thing I reach for in the morning, the last before I go to bed (sorry husband), it’s just so cosy and so fabulous I want to wear it ALL OF THE TIME. Knits like this are what winter is all about, and I hate to break it to you – this glorious October weather is fooling us, winter is definitely on its way….Soon we’ll all be wearing knits from dusk to dawn, which means it really is time to be investing in a statement knit. Now, a statement knit is different things to different people. While I love this ‘Rock’n’Roll’ turtle neck (which can be worn tucked in with a pleated skirt for a very contemporary look or with jeans, or out over leather leggings or jeans), you may prefer something slightly more feminine….

…like Natasha’s gorgeous knit, which is even more lovely in real life. With a slightly sporty/retro feel, it has a touch of sparkle on one of the stripes, appealing to the magpies in us all – and is the jumper, that when worn on Instagram Stories, we were asked about the most. Wear with coated jeans (more below) or a midi skirt and be prepared for compliments to fly.

Finally, a statement can be subtle and this grey roll neck is a great way to look gorgeous and turn heads, but in an utterly sophisticated way. The trend at the moment is to wear jumpers half-tucked in at the front. Not only does it look modern, it’s also really flattering – more so than tucking the whole jumper in – as it covers up any lumps and bumps, and also makes legs look slimmer – win, win! Again, this knit is really versatile and can dress up a pair of camo joggers (perfect weekend wear) or jeans, be teamed with a skirt or be worn thrown over a dress. Works hard, feels great and looks fantastic – that’s a hero piece in action, folks.

The Hero Bottoms

Just as a statement knit will go with (almost) anything in your existing wardrobe, a pair of Hero Bottoms will slide effortlessly into your life. These coated jeans are a case in point. One of the only items of clothing that Natasha and her husband love in equal measure (she looks fabulous in them, there’s no denying it) they hug you in all the right places and are a little dressier than your average jeans as the coating lends them a cool French Vogue kind of feel. Wear with a big jumper now, a shirt at night and a tee/cami in the spring/cool summer. 

Now, let’s talk about leopard print trousers. Granted, they may not appeal to everyone. You may think they’re too loud, a little too ‘out there’, but can I implore you to try them? If you’re into the idea of a leopard print maxi skirt, then why not trousers? Just as a jumpsuit is an alternative to a dress, these wide leg trousers are a great alternative to a skirt (and, they also have pockets). If you want to inject a little ‘showstopper’ into your wardrobe, then these are such a great choice. Wear with a knit now (again tucked in) and a shirt/tee in the spring/summer, and you have your hero piece right there….

Also worth thinking about…

An amazing pair of boots

There are few things in (sartorial) life as exciting as buying a new pair of boots. A fabulous pair of boots just make you happy and come winter, they really are something that you’ll get good value-per-wear from. These black slouchy boots are a gift from the fashion gods. Comfy to wear, with a heel that’s not too high, they have a 70s feel and will leave you feeling more fabulous than Stevie Nicks in her prime. Or go for something you can wear with jeans. These gold ankle boots are incredible and will work with your jeans, dresses and skirts. Work hard boots which will make heads turn – what more could you want?

A Go-anywhere Dress

Who doesn’t love a fabulous midi-dress? Over the last few years, these style of dresses have become the go-to choice for smart women making smart sartorial choices. We love them because they are adaptable, so easy to wear and look as great with boots or heels as they do with trainers. Imagine the dress above at a party with lots of jewellery and a pair of heels or party flats. Or, do as Natasha has done, and team with some great boots, maybe even chuck a knit over the top. It’s a dress that just works, works hard and will also work for you.

  1. Mecury Jumper, £170,  2. Rock’n’Roll jumper, £159, 3. Green dress, £120, 4. Coated jeans, £79; 5. Leopard trousers, , 6. Gold ankle boots, £185, 7. Rock’n’Roll clutch bag, £55, 8. Selby slouch boots, £259

Also featured…. Green velour midi skirt, £65,  Grey roll neck jumper, £110, Camo joggers, £49, Cape, £189, Striped polo neck jumper £69, Juliette bag, £110.

This post is a paid-for collaboration with Hush Homewear. Working with a brand like Hush, that we love and we think you’ll love to, enables us to produce Wear & Where. Thank you for letting us post like this.

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    October 23, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    Where are the tan knee highs from you’re wearing with green dress?Need a pair of not too high (midi heel) knee high boots and can’t find any anywhere!! Possibly those are quite high though.

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      November 1, 2018 at 11:22 am

      They’re M&S – you can see them in our wardrobe classics post! x

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