The Hush Pop-In Shop

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-10 There are times when I do think that my job/s are a lot of fun. Like today, when I popped into the Hush pop-in shop. Yep, that’s a real life, actual shop, wherein you can lay you hands upon the AW collection…When I say lay your hands, I mean touch, look, hold up to yourself and gaze in the mirror, head on one side…and then order, courtesy one of the friendly folk brandishing an ipad. (Or make a list and order once you get home, cup of coffee/glass of wine, in hand.)

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-14Much as I love shopping online, I have always enjoyed the physical process of ‘going shopping’. Even if I don’t buy anything, I love to pootle around the shops – either alone or with a fine shopping companions. (You can’t shop with just anyone, by the way. I definitely have my favourites.) I enjoy the sensual experience: chatting over coffee, unfolding feather-soft cashmere, feeling the swish of a skirt and the pleasingly leg-elongating effect of a heel.

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-07 Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-12-1

I was interested to find myself gravitating towards things which I had over-looked when perusing the collection online: the folk scarf, for instance, which I fell in love with. And the coated jeans – which are fabulous (and quietly sexy).

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-09

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-08I sniffed the pomegranate and peppercorn candle and can confirm it’s perfect for cosy winter evenings – and admired the messenger bag – perfect for when you want to be hands-free (an essential when out with small children). The delicacy of the lace underwear is a pretty delight.

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-06

Hush popup store - Emma Sekhon Photography-05

The good/bad news? The Hush pop-in is only in London for 10 days – at 273 Fulham Road, SW10 9PZ. The good/good news? It’ll be back – and there are plans to roll it out across the country.

Photographs by Emma Sekhon

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