The new denim


This spring denim will be everywhere. Not just confined to your legs or the odd jacket, you’ll find everything from A-line skirts to sleeveless tops, maxi-dresses and jumpsuits to culottes and shorts made from the blue stuff. Dress it up or dress it down, this is easily the easiest trend to dip your toe into over the next few months….

Stella McCartney s/s 15

Stella McCartney s/s 15

The Jeans

In reality, it doesn’t matter too much which style of jean is ‘in’ this season, as really, you’ll only ever wear the ones that suit you. But, saying that, whether you’re fully aware of it or not, trends do have an effect on your eye and therefore your wardrobe. Flares are big news this season, but if you really don’t want to wear them, then skinnies have become a modern classic and therefore still very wearable, as are the slimmer, more feminine ‘boyfriend’ jeans around at the moment. These and these look fab. If you want to update the look at little, then go for a shorter hem (either rolled-up or frayed) or a distressed, patchwork or embellished look. If you still feel a little nostalgic for the Levi 501s of your youth, then you can hold your hands up and go ‘yeah!’ as they’re back – albeit in a newer, more flattering cut known as 501CT (Custom Tapered). Or, if you want to channel your inner Emmanuelle Alt go for white – choose a looser fit or roll up your skinnies for a more modern, less sloaney look.

Levi's 501CT

Levi’s 501CT

The Skirt

Chloe s/s 15

Chloe s/s 15

It’s goodbye mini, hello maxi (as seen at Chloe and Veronique Branquinho) – at least if you want to be the hottest denim aficionado on the block. More wearable options are the A-line (try this and this) or the midi, which are both easy to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe.

The Oversized shirt

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? We say it’s whatever you want it to be. The oversized shirt (dress) is a great way to embrace the denim trend and not move too far out of your comfort zone. Throw it on over jeans or leggings, or just wear as a dress with bare legs. This pale dress with pockets has a great spring/summer feel, while this chambray dress from Anthropologie would be incredibly easy to wear.

Shirt dress, £65, Hush

Shirt dress, £65, Hush

Double Denim


Double denim (or the Canadian Tuxedo as my brother calls it) is no longer a fashion no-no. In fact, if you go by this picture of Vogue’s Fashion Features Director Sarah Harris, it is most definitely a style yes. To avoid the cowboy connotations, mix your shades and go for dark on top, pale on the bottom or perhaps a light chambray shirt with dark blue or black jeans.

That 70s Thing


However, if a little Dolly Parton does it for you, then copy Olivia Palermo and (almost) match your shades in a total Charlie’s Angels kind of way. Or pull on a pair of – very fashionable – flares for that straight back to the 70s vibe.


Something a little different?


Love denim and have already ticked the flares, skirts and double up boxes? Then how about a jumpsuit, dungarees or culottes? Dungarees are a tricky beast. Some people look fab in them, others not so much. A lot depends on the cut – the height of the ‘bib’ front and the style of the leg – find the right pair and you could be surprised. Alternatively, try a jumpsuit or culottes. Easier to pull off than dungarees, these pair of culottes from MiH are lovely and this jumpsuit from Topshop looks great.

Soleri culottes, £xx, MiH

Soleri culottes, £245, MiH

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