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The One-Stop Baby Shop


Okay, I’m in that zone at the moment, but did you know that good old M&S have launched a new dedicated one-stop baby shop? I know: genius. Alex was in M&S the other week and was Instagramming like mad. “Have you seen their new baby shop?” she emailed me.

Quite right, too. It’s an edited collection of, well,  everything you need for your baby (bar a live-in nanny who’s happy to do the night shift. Come on, M&S, surely you can manage this?). Not simply their own brand, but all the best baby brands in the business: Skip Hop, Baby Bjorn (I’ve just bought one of their excellent soft lip bibs – planning ahead, you see), Avent bath thermometers, a plethora of bottle options and everything you need for weaning – including stylish high chairs, travel cots and carriers…. Essentially, you could kit out your little one for the first years of his life right here.

And the clothes… Oh, there is almost too much cuteness. I confess: I could not have enjoyed putting this post together any more. (Moreover, there are discounts ahoy going on right now – so get your bump/baby in the action.

What to buy when…

You don’t know the flavour (or are buying a present and don’t want to be dictated by the pink or blue camp).

The drill here is neutral colours and – if you can stretch to it – a little bit of luxe.

PL_04_T78_5668Y_T0_X_EC_0 PL_04_T78_3529C_T4_X_EC_0HT_04_T78_4315C_Z0_X_EC_0-1 HT_04_T78_0151C_Z0_X_EC_0-1















Pure cashmere onesie, £45 (I know. It’ll fit for five minutes. But it’s too snuggly to resist. The perfect present.); Star print snowsuit, £26; Chunky knit hooded cardigan (also in navy and pink), £12; Teddy velour sleepsuit, £10

It’s a boy (hurrah!)

I confess. This bear jumper (it even has paw prints on the elbows) is on its way to me as I type.

PL_04_T78_8957T_KC_X_EC_0 PL_04_T78_3442B_E4_X_EC_0








Bear face jumper, £12; 8 piece starter set, £20;

It’s a girl (jubilation!)

PL_04_T78_3535D_U8_X_EC_0-1 PL_04_T78_3770P_A4_X_EC_0-1








Dress and tights, £16; Pure cotton reverse jacket, £12

First time essentials

HT_05_T96_4103S_E0_X_EC_0 HT_05_T96_4130S_E0_X_EC_0-1 HT_04_T78_2525C_T4_X_EC_0-1 PL_04_T78_1559C_Z4_X_EC_0-1















Skip hop M&S exclusive changing bag, £65; Skip hop hooded towel, £18; Chunky striped shawl, £16; Star print sleeping bag

There are also dedicated feeding, bathing (including M&S’s own brand baby shampoo and body wash, raved about by many a discerning mama), sleep and travel section. Clever M&S have made it all too easy to set up your baby’s trousseau (do such things still exist?).

PL_04_T78_1462_E4_X_EC_0 HT_05_T96_5107E_Z0_X_EC_0 HT_05_T96_4118S_NC_X_EC_0 HT_07_T22_8365B_NC_SP14_EC_0















Dribble bibs, £6 for three (I’ve ordered two sets already); East Coast high chair, £60; Skip hop zootensil cutlery, £7; Pure Baby hair and body wash, £6

And just because I want them for my little man (9 weeks already!)…

HT_05_T96_4132S_NC_X_EC_0 CP_05_T27_4557B_V0_X_EC_0 CP_05_T27_4180B_E4_X_EC_0 HT_05_T79_5495_B4_X_EC_0















Skip Hop Moby bath rinser, £8.50; Bunny wicker basket, now £20; Giraffe and Elephant wall hooks, now £7.60; Knitted soldier soft toy, now £16


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    November 1, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Super-cute….and yes, that grey cashmere onesie is gorgeous….almost enough to make me want to have another one, almost…..!!

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