This is England…

body-washI’ve been meaning to write about this company for a while, ever since I first came across a bottle of their deliciously-scented products at a friend’s house last October…


Based in the Cotswolds, 100 acres is a range of organic bath and body products inspired by the English countryside and the idea that if the founders had 100 acres they’d recreate a physic garden full of orchards, herbs, fruits, flowers and medicinal plants to run around naked in. They may not have 100 acres (or be naked, as let’s face it, naked beauticians would be weird), but the products are divine. Using essential oils and therapeutic botanicals known for their de-stressing qualities, all the products are chemical-free, not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians to use.They smell absolutely gorgeous and the scents perfectly capture the essence of English meadows, hazy summer evenings and mellow weekends in the prettiest of places. Just lovely.

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