Time to spa: So Spa at Sofitel St James, London

SoSPAEntranceThere’s something pretty special about a beautifully serene spa in the heart of a madly busy city, especially when you’ve travelled on the tube (side note: there were a lot more beards than in my regular commuting day), pounded the pavements and swerved the crowds to get there. Calm, quiet and more than a little Parisian in feel, So SPA at Sofitel St James is pretty awesome when it comes to massages…


A quiet bubble of French-meets-Asia inspired gorgeousness, So SPA’s chic decor (think high ceilings, natural light and plush fabrics) immediately relaxes you, making you feel that you’ve hopped on the Eurostar and arrived in Paris without the hassle of the train journey and the taxi queue. The French feel doesn’t stop there as the spa specialises in the kind of treatments that French Voguettes adore. Product lines include Carita and Cinq Mondes, with an array of facials and body treatments available to choose from. And, it was a difficult choice. I know how great a really good facial can be, and I know how good French products can be, but I also know how much I love a fantastic massage – especially when my shoulders are stiff and my knotted muscles are in desperate need of a pummelling. And so, I opted for a hot stone massage, a treatment that I had last encountered in my far more glamorous days as a Travel Writer with a penchant for spas. Having filled out the obligatory questionnaire (rather nicely asking for preferences with lighting, music and whether the bed should be heated), the treatment began. My therapist, Yukiko was great, adapting the massage to my tastes (it was a scorcher of a day so we decided to solely use the hot stones on my back where they’d help my knots) and applying a firm (as requested), but not sadistic touch. It was delicious. Not only did she manage to release some of the muscle tension, she managed to completely relax me, which is a rare feat these days. While So SPA might not have a massive pool or room upon room of ‘experiences’, it does what a good spa should do and that’s deliver the treatments and make you feel lighter, brighter and far more relaxed than when you went in. And for a spa in the centre of London, that’s exactly what you want.

So SPA patio

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