Valentine’s Day: Wear your heart on your sleeve

First things first. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I’m quite *possibly* not the most romantic person in the world (possibly? laughs The Husband who *probably* would agree). And, I’m really not someone who likes a lot of fuss (unless it’s for someone else and then Bring On The Dancing Horses). So 14th February, other than having a nice ring to it and being a good excuse to open a bottle of champagne (not that I need an excuse) isn’t highlighted on my calendar circled with love hearts. But! I’m not made of stone. I wouldn’t steal Cupid’s bow and snap it in half. I just like to do things my way, which could entail wearing one of these lust-worthy sweaters, which are reason alone to break out all the heart emojis…..

My personal favourite is the ‘Mon Couer’ silk and cashmere sweatshirt by Orwell + Austen, who also make an amazing ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’ sweat, which I’m currently lusting over (side note, don’t you think slogans look so much more chic in French?) Saying that I do also really like the ‘Love’ sweater and stripy heart top by Sugarhill Boutique, and the Chinti ‘Love’ cashmere. Whilst Wyse London had me at ‘elbow patch’. Finally, if you are of a smaller size, you could take a punt on this Gap Kids sweater – XXL should fit an 8-10, I reckon.

Love sweater, £39, Sugarhill Boutique

Colour block heart intarsia sweater, £13.99, Gap Kids

Cashmere Rainbow Letter Love sweater, £275, Chinti & Parker

Mon Couer sweatshirt, £210, Orwell + Austen

Lena stripe Love sweater, £29, Sugarhill Boutique

Cashmere Ines Heart sweater, £180, Wyse London

So, there you have it, your V-Day plans sorted. Pull on your new jumper, open a bottle of champagne and watch Harry Met Sally, my favourite romcom (and quite possibly favourite film) ever. No fuss guaranteed.

Image: Robert Doisneau


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